The National Association of Social Workers has approved this certificate course for 20 hours of continuing education.

This 20 hour training course will give guidelines for the professional who is advising the client seeking Social Security disability benefits.  The course will consist of four modules, with an examine at the end of each module.

After completion of this training, the opportunities for professional growth are tremendous. They include:


  • Working in hospitals or clinics that need professionals to help their patients successfully file for Social Security disability benefits.
  • Working as a Disability Determination Examiner for Social Security Disability Determination Service located in your state.
  • And being self employed as a Social Security disability client advocate. You can make as much as $6'00.00 per case when your client is allowed.

The training you will receive is based on the training the instructor received to become Certified Social Security Disability Determination Examiners.

Who Benefit From This Course?
  • Nurses 
  • Case Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Disability Advocates Individuals filing for disability the first time or on appeal

Instructor: Michael Davidson

Former Social Worker, Social Security Disability Determination Examiner and disability advocate for Texas.
1-800-588-1643, code 82

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CE Approved--Social Security Disability

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